Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Taking the Last Steps-the Final Edits of The Dragon of Emerhill

A cardboard model of the castle of Emerhill, created by Breton Kaiser Taylor

                                We are now anticipating the final stages of "The Dragon of Emerhill." The book
layout will begin when every illustration is chosen and arranged in its probable position, and when
the layout is arranged by the book designer. As these last steps are taken, I am hopefully writing the book's sequel, "The Castle of Lismoire."

                                   -Breton Kaiser Taylor

Saturday, September 23, 2017

I've gone back to illustration for the moment. Here's a watercolor drawing I did today of  Dormach 's cave. I looked a little at photos of Etretat, a cave in France along the coast. The drawing may need revisions.
"Dormach's cave" by Breton Kaiser-Shinn ©2017 All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

The Castle of Lismoire- one fairy's story

This castle model is still in progress. The design will be seen in both The Dragon of Emerhill and The Castle of Lismoire. 
The model you see here is the castle that Noreia's fairy friends inhabit.

-Breton W Kaiser Taylor

"The Castle of Lismoire"™by Breton Kaiser-Shinn
"The Castle of Lismoire"™©copyright 2013 by Breton Kaiser-Shinn. All rights reserved. 

"The Castle of Lismoire"™ in final cardboard model by Breton Kaiser-Shinn.©copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Breton Kaiser Taylor met Naomi Kirsten at Chronicle Books

        On July 17th, 2017 I was given a tour of Chronicle Books of San Francisco, CA. Kerry Farrell, my assistant, kindly helped arrange the tour for me. 

       There were many highlights of the visit, including an opportunity to meet many of the sub-mission editors in the children's division. Each of the editors had desks overflowing with ideas 
for games, novelty books, and new classic books for children!

       One of my favorite parts of the tour was getting to meet Naomi Kirsten, a submission editor at Chronicle. Here's a picture of us after my tour. 

Saturday, July 1, 2017

The novel is reaching the final stage of manuscript writing and editing. I've been working on the novel with an editor. She has helped me prepare the novel, glossary, etc. for the book designer who will lay out the final draft.


Sunday, May 28, 2017

model for"The Dragon of Emerhill"™©2013 by Breton Kaiser-Shinn

©copyright 2013 by Breton Kaiser Taylor. All Rights Reserved.

I built this model of Emerhill Castle to have something to help me with the perspective.
 I made it out of mostly cereal boxes and small gift boxes. I think that model-building 
helps me imagine the world I am creating.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Flora and Fauna- An Artist's Interests In The Natural World

Breton explains his vision for "The Dragon of Emerhill"™

As an illustrator, I became intrigued with the natural world that surrounds the characters in my debut novel, The Dragon of Emerhill.™

Brittany is known for its natural wonders. Its bird life includes many kinds of herons, kingfishers, and warblers. I have grown to like these wild birds, as strange and beautiful as the place they inhabit.

author Breton Kaiser Taylor. photo by David Newman. © All Rights Reserved.

This robin drawing was done ten years ago by Breton Kaiser Taylor.
Drawing of a seagull for The Dragon of Emerhill by Breton Kaiser Taylor.
The finished drawing. Watercolor pencil © 2013 by Breton Kaiser-Shinn.

"wishing willow" photo by Breton Kaiser-Shinn.

Breton set up this still life for a watercolor class painting.© 2017 Breton Kaiser-Shinn.

Breton arranged a still life of objects and flowers.(above) Watercolor by Breton Kaiser-Shinn.

"tree"photo by Breton Kaiser-Shinn.©2013 All Rights Reserved.
(left)"maple leaves." Photo by Breton Kaiser Taylor.©All Rights Reserved.(right) watercolor by Breton Kaiser-Shinn.

"Butterfly" by Breton Kaiser Taylor. ©All Rights Reserved.

Breton was also inspired by the plants of the Jurassic Era. This photo was taken by Breton Kaiser-Shinn at the SF Botanical Gardens.©"Fern" by Breton Kaiser-Shinn. All rights reserved.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Please go to my new website at the following web address:

I am pleased to announce that my book is going through its final edits. Please go to my new website :


Writing and Illustrating For Children

A  view of Breton's first castle model from above. Photo by Breton Kaiser Taylor.
Breton Kaiser Taylor describes his artistic process. Photo by Laura Fuller.
Breton's trip to Paris with his parents was a strong influence on the book.
© copyright 2013 photo by Breton Kaiser-Shinn.All Rights Reserved.

The original sketch of the Castle of Dragonera  by Breton Kaiser Taylor.

Breton was inspired by a Spanish castle when he drew this sketch.

Cardboard model of the Castle of Emerhill, a drawing prop for
The Dragon of Emerhill
by Breton Kaiser Taylor
 The Dragon of Emerhill, a fantasy middle-grade novel, is a richly illustrated fantasy novel for the whole family to enjoy! Breton worked in  pen and ink or watercolor to create the illustrations.

Breton's original watercolor of the Castle of Dragonera for
The Dragon of Emerhill by Breton Kaiser Taylor

Learn more about Breton's creative process at his book website. Just click on"artist's process" in the menu bar:

The Dragon of Emerhill
This photo by a couple on Flickr.com was an early castle reference. 

This photo is a detail of a clay model of The Castle of Lismoire.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Breton Kaiser-Shinn-author & illustrator of upcoming fantasy novel

Breton Kaiser Taylor-author and illustrator of upcoming book,

The Dragon of Emerhill.

Breton went to study the work of Medieval artists like this Medieval tapestry depicting the costume of the era.The Cluny Museum, Paris, France. Phoyo by Breton Kaiser Taylor.

The artist works in a variety of mediums, including watercolor or  pen &ink.
Breton works with his own photographs to capture the fantasy world he is building for the book.

Creating Art For Children-Breton Kaiser-Shinn

All illustrations by Breton Kaiser-Shinn. ©All rights reserved.

"Wishing Willow"by Breton Kaiser-Shinn

"Bunny" by Breton Kaiser-Shinn

"watercolor of Teddy"by Breton Kaiser-Shinn

Breton Kaiser-Shinn at an event to raise money for Autistic children's organizations.

"Bunny-an acrylic painting"by Breton Kaiser-Shinn

"Teddy Bear" by Breton Kaiser-Shinn

"Baby Tiger" by Breton Kaiser-Shinn